May 22: World Biodiversity Day

Biodiversity is shorthand of Biological Diversity- a term used to describe the collective presence of the number of species in an environment. They keyword, here, would be ‘collective’, for individual species on their own constitute nothing. When species co-exist, forming intricate webs of dependence and inter-dependence- only then can they be considered part of biodiversity.

A vast majority of human culture looks down upon biodiversity- it is self-centred. Humans use the names of animals as slurs. But without biodiversity, humans wouldn’t exist. Every creature on the planet fulfils some purpose- they maintain food webs, play indirect roles in providing us with water, air, and other necessities. Many organisms keep the environment hygienic by allowing decomposition and breakdown of substances.

This year, the theme for the Biological Diversity Day is ‘Building a shared future for all life’ which fits in with the ongoing UN programme ‘Decade of Restoration’. The official UN page has linked a list of promotional materials for spreading awareness.

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