About Me

About Me


I'm Vibhav Peri, a 13 year old who is passionate about the environment and nature. Last year, I realized that there was no site which explained environmental news, simply. Soon, I began working on it. I was 11 when I got hooked to birds and gave my wildlife knowledge a direction, but I had been reading animal encyclopedias since I was 7. The websites that do provide environmental news, however, were extremely scientific, which a beginner couldn't understand. Also, many news websites focused only on climate change's impacts, and not environment in the broader sense, which includes all wildlife, crises, and discoveries.

Clubs I'm Part of

Delhibird is a non-profit birding network spanning across India, with over 50,000 members. It is the largest bird network of India.

Cuckoo About Nature(CAN) Club is the junior wing of Delhibird, which is for kids and by kids. 

In 2018, I attended WWF India’s summer camp, called ‘Cool Conservationists’ which is where I got practical knowledge of the birds, butterflies, snakes, frogs, and trees around me. This camp was what gave my knowledge a direction. I liked it so much that I repeated it in 2019.

After leading the Great Backyard Bird Count in 2019, and seeing how enthusiastic our neighborhood was, I formed my own local backyard club. We have had many walks since then, the Delhi Big Butterfly Count, A ‘Woods and Whistles’ walk, and the Great Backyard Bird Count, to name a few.

I have a life list of 252 birds, the rarest being the Bengal florican which I saw in Dudhwa National Park, My locality has a portion of the Delhi Southern Central ridge, which allows it to get a list of a whopping 60 species of birds. It has native bushes and shrubs and rocks of the Aravallis, the oldest mountain range in the world.