Solar Panels in grassy sunny area, person stands at the back

Conserving Resources: Making Solar Panels throw Shade on Canals

Scientists have discovered a newer and better way of conserving resources: Setting up solar panels on top of canals to allow the Panels to operate more efficiently while preventing the water from being lost to evaporation.

Scientists Brandi McKuin and Elliot Campbell at the University of California, Merced and Santa Cruz respectively, have scrutinised the economic and financial effects of placing solar in panels in such a manner that their shadows are thrown on canal’s surface, so as to prevent evaporation of water while maximising the amount of energy captured by the panels.

They placed solar panels over all of California’s 6,350 kilometres of Canals. Covering the canals saved them 40,000 cubic metre’s worth of water from each kilometre of a canal every year. The panels also performed better above canals than on land, because of the cooler microclimate above water.

Brandi McKuin has said that the benefits of placing panels over the canals outweigh the cost of having to place them.

How California set an example for Climate Justice Earlier

California’s Government was one of the 40 governments which decided to put a price on carbon. When they first set it up, they put the amount of free carbon fairly high, but over the years, the reduced it. This way, it was able to meet its 2020 temperature requirements, and is on track to meet its 2050 goals as well.

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