Koalas lick trees to get water

For the first time ever, scientists from the College of Sydney have discovered Koalas licking water trickling down trees as it rains to get water. They released a video which can be found in the link given below.

Video by University of Sydney

Earlier, koalas were believed to have obtained water through the gum in the leaves they chewed. The news came just before the Wild Koala Day on may 3rd. Australia is currently undergoing the world’s longest dry period ever documented. Koalas also experience heat stress and high mortality rates in prolonged dryness.


“As koalas are nocturnal animals and observation of their behaviour rarely occurs during heavy rainfall, it is likely that their drinking behaviour has gone largely unnoticed and has therefore been underestimated in the past,” Dr. Mella said. This is why she believes that koalas drinking water trickling down trees has less to to do with the dry period and more to do with their natural behaviour

Image Courtesy University of Sydney

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