A mysterious 15-foot creature lands up on Ainsdale Beach

A mysterious 15-foot creature was found washed up on Ainsdale beach in England. Strangely enough, it had four flippers and was furry. According to a man who requested to be unnamed, it had an extra part attached to its body, which suggests that it might have died giving birth.

The photos have gone viral on the internet, with thousands of people jokingly suggesting random possibilities. One said “It’s a whale that has eaten a horse that has eaten a dolphin!” Many people also suggested that it could either be a horse or a whale.

Scientists suggest that this mysterious creature which landed up on the shore is a new species of cetacean (cetaceans are mammals which live underwater, give birth to young ones underwater and come to the surface to breathe). Some scientists say it could be a dead walrus which exploded due to the pressure underwater and the gasses inside the body.

An environmental society is working with an animal removal company to move the body which is in a badly decomposed state to a laboratory or to a different location

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