Climate Disasters across the world

As COVID-19 dominated the news, many climate disasters went unnoticed. The ones listed below are only a tiny glimpse of the events of the past two months. The ones which aren’t listed consist mainly of floods and storms

  • Storms and Floods: Many people lost homes in the tornadoes that swept through Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas on April 12th. Violent storms killed 19 people in the US on April 13th. Cyclone Amphan, which was as strong as a category three hurricane ravaged the Indian states of West Bengal and parts of Bangladesh. Cyclone Vongfong put almost 100,000 people at risk in the Philippines. It damaged roads, bridges, and other structures. Between 21st and 22nd June, heavy rain flooded almost 70 districts in Bolivia. Serbia and Bosnia were also struck by heavy floods. On 23rd June, a damaging tornado touched down on Ontario, Canada, and destroyed several houses. On 25th June, floods in Assam killed several people, including a 3 year old girl. Apart from the ones listed above, almost 100 other countries were hit by storms and floods.
  • Landslides and Earthquakes: A huge cloud of Saharan sand and dust made the sky over parts of Africa and the Caribbean. The dust is travelling across the Atlantic. A landslide buried four vehicles in Palpa, Nepal, killing three people. An earthquake of magnitude injured five in Turkey. Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Kenya, and Indonesia also witnessed several landslides.
  • Wildfires: Wildfires in Chernobyl’s Exclusive Zone took two whole days to be extinguished. On April 22, Poland’s Biebzra National Park was burnt by an extremely damaging wildfire. Arizona wildfires extended to about 150,000 acres, and forced large numbers of people to evacuate. Scotland also reported several small-scale wildfires across the country.

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Featured Image: By Archives New Zealand from New Zealand – Greymouth Floods, May 1988, CC BY 2.0,

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